Greek Community of Development and Youth Entrepreneurship

"At the heart of our effort are the young and unemployed people. We focus to the promotion of their business ideas, we undertake educational activities, we offer tools for developing entrepreneurial skills and finally we advice them how to establish a sustainable enterprise."

Community of Development and Youth Entrepreneurship is an initiative which is based on professional skills of the people who participate to our team. The main purpose of our team is to encourage young people to undertake action in the following fields: search, locate and formulate a business idea and implementation of a business plan. All the above actions complemented with consulting services. The members of the research team of CDYE are academic and research staff, professionals and companies.

Especially companies are distinguished members and facilitators in our effort are many companies that share the same vision with us. The private sector is a significant pillar in our effort to help young people transforming their theoretical knowledge into practical “business oriented” skills. The difficult economic circumstances do not stop many of these companies to remain active and participate in various actions and support vulnerable social groups of our society.


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